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Dear Diary~

Today’s journal is all about the sewing. I finished a quick pair of jeans out of the denim I had ready to cut. Very simple, quick and easy, using just my pants bloc. No front fly, no pockets, they just pull on. I don’t wear my shirts tucked in these days anyhoo, so there’s no need for the fly. All my tops anymore have pockets anyway so my pocket needs are met. I like living the pocket lifestyle. I make full use of them. It’s something one doesn’t think about until you make a few garments without pockets. Then all heck breaks loose. We’ve talked about this before in earlier posts, people.

Ollie Bear’s sewing room bed. 😊 



Regular weight jeans denim, (11oz denim, I think? Been a long time since I looked at that.) The topstitching came out very well. It’s true what they say, practice makes perfect. I didn’t have to pick out one stitch and redo. I’m pretty happy about that. Even as I topstitched the outside of the legs, after they were sewn up and I had to be careful about it bunching up in the machine to only catch the fabric I intended, it came out perfectly in one pass. Hmm. I just now realized, that without consciously thinking about it, when I grabbed my Bernina 1008 machine to sew the topstitching, I replaced the needle with a topstitching needle and automatically adjusted the tension. That…is a nice epiphany! Some techniques are now ingrained!! (Looking at you, Babylock Coverstitch Machine. Hmmmph!)

Little hard to see the topstitching on the outside of the legs here, it was late at night and RD had supper ready so I was rushing to finish. But it’s there and it’s perfect and straight. Of course, the inseam is topstitched, too. Just apparently, no pics so you’ll have to take my word for it. I went with this fast ’n easy route for this pair mainly because I needed a new pair of jeans fast for Big Head Todd and the Monsters concert this Sunday, and a few years ago, I made up a pair of pants just like these in a very cheap, light weight denim for the practice of it and to work on the fit. However, they have become a main player in regular rotation in my wardrobe. I wear them again as soon as they come out of the dryer. And by the by, that last pair of stretch pants I made that I said I would only wear around the house? Nope. I wear them everywhere. Comfy and they fit. My problems with them are invisible to the outside world. And of course they fit! I used my pants bloc to draft them! How could they not fit? I was too conservative with the elastic  in the waistband and they’re not as snug as I’d like them to be. I need to go in and take about an inch, maybe a little more, off the elastic there. Or not, because moving on. We’ll see.


UFO: Un-Finished Object

I got to break out the Bernina 1008, my go-to denim topstitching machine. My goodness! I really do love that workhorse of a machine! I’m thinking a mock fly on my next pair of jeans just for the fun of the art of topstitching. Meh. These jeans were so easy, I’ll get bored pretty quick with making them. I’ll eventually have to draft the back yoke and all the pockets~yes even the little coin/watch pocket~into this self drafted pattern, for degree of difficulty purposes and to make them more interesting.  The only thing I don’t like about the 1008 is I keep forgetting it doesn’t have a down-needle position setting. I’m so spoiled by the B560. Of course, there’s no down-needle position setting because it is a mechanical machine, not a computerized model.

So, new pair of pants for going to listen to music Sunday completed. Today I’ll be working on this

View B with the placket and I’m not doing the sleeve button thing. I’ll go ahead and do 3/4 sleeves. If I do a full length sleeve, it would just be rolled up to the elbow anyway. Sleeves down to my wrist bug me. Since there’s really no time to be fussy and the tunic needs to be finished by Sunday, I’m not doing a muslin. I’m going to use my bodice bloc to calibrate the pattern and just get her done to make this up. I’m telling myself to use the “Magic Inch” seam allowance in lieu of making a muslin. I saw a lot of images of this top in plaid flannel, the fabric I have ready to go. I also saw these, I mean, how cute are these tops? I know the white one isn’t this pattern, but not entirely sure the brown isn’t, not that it matters. I can already see me making up this top weight light blue chambray with a-a-a-a-lll this embroidery on it.

Knitting is going well. I practiced with this pattern this week. It doesn’t lie flat. I don’t know if it’s this stitch pattern or the weight of yarn or I’m pulling the stitches too tight. No matter. This is practice, anyway. I’m saving these little patches and will sew them together to make a throw for Possum. I mean, I start off thinking “I can finally make me a scarf!” It always ends up being a small square/rectangle thrown into the pile for a new throw for Possum. Sad. There’s a brown square of knitting practice around somewhere. I’m finding the key to knitting is counting the stitches. Man, take your eye off the counting one time and it will skew on you. This particular stitch pattern is called Stockinette & Garters, you knit one row in a particular count, then a full row of purl stitches, then the next row with it’s particular count pattern. I kept forgetting the full row of purl stitches in between. This small patch is the product of one week’s worth of work. Because forgetting in-between purl stitche rows. So I’d rip it out and start again. By the end of the week, I not only had a recognizable, if not perfect, at least recognizable, Stockinette pattern but I am getting better at s-l-o-w-l-y pulling out one stitch at a time to correct for a missed or over counted stitch. I’m getting better at checking the knitting sooner rather than later. Finding the pattern is off because you made a mistake 6 rows down? The worst! But textiles, amirite?? They’re beautiful when done right, but will make you want to pull your hair out while learning! So far, I can only do stitch patterns with knit stitches and purl stitches.

Doesn’t lie flat. 

Some samples for Possum’s throw.

That pup dearly loves him a blankie to crumple up and lie on. He’s already stolen a whole slanket from us and appropriated it as his own. He kept taking it and taking it so we finally just said “It’s yours now.” There it is, in his little bed. He also uses it to hide all the rawhide chewies he steals from Ollie underneath it. Hilarious.


Ollie Bear continues helping at night with the dishes. Open the dishwasher and he comes running.

Such an adorable little helper!

That’s that. RD wants to go to lunch to a local Greek/Italian place and run a few errands. I want to sew but I want lunch, too. In either case, I need to run.


Jyps 🦋


January 10, 2020

Jypsea Rose