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Dear Diary~

Yesterday was a very good day! I enjoyed it top to bottom! Going off a book recommendation from an online sewist, I downloaded a pretty good story called ”The Forgotten Seamstress” by Liz Trenow on Audible Books. Good enough story but we’re coming to the end of the story and building tension for the big conclusion and Ms. Trenow is beginning to irritate me as she rushes from one new character to another only for the new information be a dead end in order to keep the suspension going. It’s beginning to get a little old and grate a bit. I’ve already figured out the ending anyways. But it’s an okay story. And fun to listen to while I sewed.

And sew, I did!

I did give the idea of not making a muslin a really good think and came up with the idea of doing the tissue paper fitting technique. I taped the pattern pieces together and put it on. Mostly, the pattern will fit, and yes I should have graded down in the hips. Because the pattern paper is a somewhat stiff and doesn’t drape in the least, I opted to make those changes when I make it up in fabric, which is drapey. From here, I basically just went for it.


To begin with, I’m working with a plaid, and I’m anal about the stripes. I took a lot of pains laying out the fabric. It must have taken me an hour to make sure the plaid stripes were even. I laid the fabric out in a single layer on my cutting table.

I then decided where to begin folding the fabric over for a double layer. I thought making these small lines in the plaid the fold-over point, (the center front/back as both pattern pieces are cut on the fold) would give the top a more balanced look rather than using one of the bolder stripes as the center front/back.

Gently folded it across matching the striping approximately 3” at a go.

Satisfying work.

Laid the pattern on top and cut it out. I cut the main pieces, front and back, yoke and placket. For everything else, I cut them out as I needed. There was a reason for that, but it’s hard to explain. Mostly, I was being extra careful with everything since I decided not to do a muslin. I was thinking that if I cut the other supporting pieces, I could be more mindful of measuring and whatnot when I came to them. This actually had other benefits…TBC.



I marked EVERYTHING!! Things I don’t usually mark…like the waistline. I wanted to make sure everything lined up and agreed front to back and top to bottom. I took advantage of all reference points. Hard to see here, but the waistline on the fabric is marked.


But look at that yoke! Being anal and careful and deliberate pays off! I love the look of a well made yoke and I’ll make my yokes in half pieces and then combine them for something interesting every chance I get. I mean, give me an interesting-to-look-at yoke every time!!! I’m very happy with this one! The buttons I’ll use on the front are the little red heart wooden buttons above the yoke piece


Speaking of yoke pieces, I did do the ruby red silky, drapey rayon for the inside yoke and the under placket but really difficult fabric, that. I cut the yoke and placket pieces out 3x, each time being more careful than the last time, and they still managed to slide around. The fabric is so slinky that it shimmied out of alignment just by looking at it. What I finally did, since these pieces needed to be interfaced anyhoo, was to cut the interfacing pieces out, iron them in place on the ruby red slinky fabric according to the bias grainlines and then cut the ruby red slinky/interfacing out as one piece. Worked like a charm! Worked great! The interfacing piece was the pattern piece for the red slinky!! Will remember that trick and keep it in my tool box. No pictures of that unfortunately and that’s a shame. Seems when I photo and journal about those kinds of tips, they stay with me better. I sandwiched the lower back piece to the two yoke pieces and then sewed the yoke shoulders to the front burrito-style.

And here’s how far I got yesterday:

Before I joined the front to the back, I sewed the placket and pockets on. I wish I had taken pics sewing the placket on, but I was being very careful sewing it on and paying very close attention to the instructions. I was completely absorbed with topstitching the placket, especially folding the placket bottom into the ending point then stitching that down. The house could have burned down around me at that point and I probably would not have noticed.

Once I stitched up the side seams, I slipped it on and yes, will definitely take it in around the hips. I could say here that I should have trusted my instincts and graded it down one size when comparing with my bloc but live and learn and no harm, no foul. Now I know for sure so I’m not the least bit sorry. What would have been devastating is grading it down a size and it being too small. But lord help me…I’m loving the ruby red slinky in the inside yoke!

Of all things, just this very morning, a sewing blog had a post all about mismatched plaids. So, I’m feeling even better about myself.

MisMatched Plaids-Yea or Nay

So, yeah, all in all, it was a really, really good day. Spent the rest of the evening with the bestest sensation of well-being ever. I only quit because RD made Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana and bought a Panera Breads baguette to go with it for supper. Yum!

No, the top will not be ready for going to see Big Head Todd & The Monsters tonight but I’m okay with that. I was in the zone sewing yesterday, total zen. I’m not going to destroy that with a self imposed deadline. I have other tops to wear. It was such a good day that before I fell asleep last night, I was going over the next steps to finish this little top in my head! Hanging on to the feeling, I guess. My next one will go together quick. The next I make this top~and there will be a next one, sooner rather than later~it will be in a light blue chambray and then I’ll spend months embroidering it at night.

Circling back to the Folkwear Glamour Girl dress I journaled about early this month~I have the pattern pieces traced and cut out. This pattern definitely will be done traditionally, making a muslin. No way would I just go-for-it on this one. Too many pattern pieces.

It’s snowing pretty good outside. It’s supposed to continue to snow into this evening. I don’t like being out on the roads in the snow…at night, but really want to go to the concert. I also want to stay home and sew. So I’m not really cursing the snow. (Oh, we’re going. We have tickets for seats in the VIP Lounge. We’re going.)

I have a journal subject that’s been rolling around in my head for a while that I’m sure has something to do with the New Year and resolutions and all that happy jazz. I want to sew clothes that fit my lifestyle. And I like to be home. Everything I need is right here. I like to be comfortable. My creative side gets juiced up when I see gorgeous sewing patterns and amazing fabrics….but I don’t live the sort of  life where one is required to get dressed up to the nines. When I get it all sorted out, I’ll post on that subject.

Welp. That’s it. Times a-wastin’ and I need to get moving.


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