Ok, That’s Done~

January 27, 2020 0 Comments

Dear Diary~

I finished the Cheyenne Tunic. I didn’t do a muslin, went with my sloper for sizing and just for the life of me could not get the collar. I had to keep a sharp eye on the dwindling left over fabric, even went to 2 different Joann’s Fabrics to try and get a little more but both stores were completely sold out. It wasn’t available online, either. I had to resort to using muslin fabric to try and figure out what I was doing wrong. Welp. What I was doing wrong was a rookie mistake. I kept cutting the collar out on the straight of grain instead of the bias. Now why would I…..??? Know how I caught the problem? By looking at images of the Cheyenne Tunic online. I kept thinking to myself “This is crazy! Why isn’t this..?? What am I…??” Look, I set this aside for over a week after the 3rd muslin collar. Then one night, I was looking at the online images and there it was. The collars are on the bias. As are all collars. Who, with as much experience as I have sewing, would even consider cutting the collar out on the straight of grain?? Anyway, cutting the collar pieces out on the bias fixed it and I finished the top.

However, I do have to say, even the online images of the Cheyenne Tunic don’t have a smooth, lay flat against the body collar. (Well, some do. The really good sewists.)  A majority of them still have a bit of gaping at the collar. The collar gaping looks worse on my mannequin than it does on me wearing it. Something to work on fixing with the next versions. Oh, yes. There will be more Cheyenne Tunics in my closet. I like it that much.

Still loving the yoke. The sleeves were too short for my liking so I added a cuff cut on the bias.

The collar isn’t perfect, but this is a loose fitting tunic top and it will be okie dokie.


I changed my mind about the red heart buttons. It’s a different red by far than the inside yoke and placket. Anyways, I ordered a chambray workshirt fabric to make another version of this pattern and just thought those red heart buttons would do better there. What with the plaid, and the ruby red slippery for inside, well, there’s enough interesting detail shenanigans and going-ons here already. I went with 16mm gray buttons.


The button holes are fake, I machined them in and sewed the buttons on top of them. Then I tacked the front placket down to the bottom placket by hand. Although, just as I was typing this out and looking at the pic above, I can see that when I tacked the plackets together, the plaid became misaligned. Really a small fix, I can do that in about 5 minutes tomorrow. This is why I journal, people. And very glad now I just tacked it down by hand today instead of machine sewed it.There’s enough room in the neck to just slip this on over my head…another thing I need to fix with the next version~bring the front neckline up. I also have an idea to do a bib insert in the front with tucks sewn in the bib portion. I really liked this project. I like the top itself and love the fabric.

So…to also cement the technique of interfacing on slippery fabric in my mind, here it is. I cut the interfacing out using the pattern pieces, situated them onto the fashion fabric as per the grain line instructions and fused them on, then cut the pieces out as one, ready to be sewn.

And there ya have it, my first Cheyenne Tunic in the can. Tomorrow will be a mending day. I opened up the back waistband of the last pair of jeans I sewed to replace the elastic. I found a heavy stretch elastic that will work better I think. And realign my plaid on this top. Pick out the next fabric to cut this pattern out in and maybe get it cut out. 

RD is out of town, left yesterday  to go help a sibling. I don’t like it when he’s gone. I don’t like him driving such a distance without me. He’ll be back in a couple of days. He said tonight on our FaceTime call that he missed me so much that the new Airstream is back on, that he’ll buy it for me when he gets back!! Oh, did I not mention? The new Airstream dream is on one day, off the next, back on, then off again. We keep going back and forth on it~but I think *not* getting a new Airstream trailer is the stronger position.  I don’t know. We’ll see. Some days, I think a new Airstream trailer is one of those things that are more fun to “want” rather than to own. Like a boat. They say the 2 best days of a boat owner’s life is the day he buys it and the day he sells it. I worry that the Airstream will be just like that. Also, it’s not just the trailer, you need the big heavy duty 2500 diesel pickup truck and they are expensive, just as the Airstream is expensive, even used ones. And anyway, I’m just looking forward to RD being back home safe and sound. He belongs here with me and the pups. I sure love and miss him!

So that’s it. I took some Melatonin herbal pills to try and get to sleep and I’m starting to drift off.


Jyps 🦋 


Now that’s better!! I can live with it and I will bet that the collar will lie better now. 

Jypsea Rose