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I did not know that originally  “Flying Cloud” referred to the old wooden clippers! I really love that! Perhaps that’s why I’m having trouble getting a name for the Airstream to stick. Now that I know the name “Flying Cloud” came from the sea…maybe now something will come to me. TO-DO List: research old Flying Cloud clippers. I’m sure there are a few famous ones to read up on.

First weekend out in our new Airstream (I LOVE HER!)…and the beginning of the end of this unconstitutional lockdown, thank God! Didn’t post anything during the lockdown as there just wasn’t much to write about.  I’m thankful as all get-out its over. I didn’t care much for being locked down, and as each day dragged on, I became less and less motivated. Every day was much the same as the one before. I ended up sleeping more. I battled depression. I can say, what this has left me with is a burning passion in my heart to punish any & all government officials who participated in this dangerous social experiment. They do not have the right to that much power over all of us. In the beginning, I was more than willing to do my part to flatten the curve because we weren’t sure what we were dealing with. But as more evidence came in, hospitals closing, health care professionals making TikTok videos because they were bored with nothing to do, the increased testing showing a much, much lower death rate, instead of pivoting with new info, our scared $**tless politicians doubled down. Nope. Politicians need to be taught a lesson so they will never, ever do something as plainly stupid to tank a $30 trillion economy ever again. We need to send a message.

Enough about that. It’s over, I’m regaining my sanity and that’s all I care about for the time being. Also…R.D. is a treasure. Where would I be without him?? 

Back on target~I sewed for the new Airstream. The Ultraleather seats inside are Sandpiper (read: white) so before we got out in her, I wanted to cover those up. My only upholstery fabric on hand in my stash was some that I bought for Itty Bitty. I managed to get it to cover the seats in the Airstream but just barely. I used the stash to develop the seat cushion pattern. For a “wearable muslin”, I think I did ok~


That is a small cushion, and now for the rest of the seats…before~

And after~

This sewing was just to test and perfect the pattern and give me a bit of busy work during the lockdown so I didn’t finish it with a closure at the back. I left these test patterns on to protect them from the pups on our first weekend out, (we just got back last night) and with no closure, they slipped and freely moved about the cabin. Which is fine, they did the job of keeping the white Sandpiper Ultraleather seats clean, apart from spending the entire weekend tugging them back into position.

Since I couldn’t get to Joanns for proper shopping, I spent days and days searching online for upholstery fabric. There’s a lot of upholstery fabric choices out there. Finally found some I liked and got it ordered. The good fabric came in, and is breathtaking! I really liked it online, but I love it now!! I think I’ll start on the covers today, out of this gorgeous fabric combo. Its a bit scary, buying fabric off the internet you can’t see and touch in person, but you pay your quarter you take your chances, right? In the case of upholstery fabric, it’s a lot of quarters. This stuff is not cheap.


The plaid will be the main body (stripes in test fabric), the moss green linen replaces the gold and the accent stripe and sides I’ll make out of the cinnamon jacquard. I bought a nice straw colored upholstery fabric for backing.

Back at the start of the “flatten the curve”, and thinking I would not have enough time to finish my projects, I started on quilts for the Airstream and finished the top for R.D.’s bed. After I got the quilt top quilted together with the batting, I found the batting was far too heavy. It was a “heavy” loft, I discovered after a bit of researching.  I spent 3 or 4 days unpicking it and then ordered a much lighter loft batting. That’s in now, too, so I can work on getting that completed. I have found a few problems with the quilt top, problems I knew about when I was sewing it together but thought the mistakes would “quilt” out. They did not. In fact, the problems were emphasized to a much larger degree. How I ended up dealing with those mistakes was to put the quilt aside and ignore it. I guess my subconscious didn’t get the message about ignoring it, tho, because all of a sudden, I’m ready to pick it back up and without too much thought have formulated a plan to deal with the mistakes that I think will easily deal with the mistakes. I’m actually even a little excited to get going on it.

The mistakes are these: R.D. Is 6’6”. I needed to add to the size to make it longer for him or his toes will freeze. I made the quilt longer by adding an additional border—top and bottom = 4” extra length right there.

That threw the pattern off. I should have known that. Mess with the armsceyes of a blouse pattern and you run the risk of throwing the neckline and/or side seam off. This is elementary. I messed with the size of the quilt…on the inside of the quilt…instead of just adding a longer border on the top or bottom. You can see in the above photo that the half diamond pattern above the extra stripe doesn’t like the manipulation. My mistake here is the orange stripe is sized according to the pattern, with a little bit added on to account for the extra border, just not enough. That misdemeanor manipulation of extra border-ness goes on all the way around the main body of the quilt. The fix my subconscious came up with is to unpick where the half diamond border bunches up against the extra striped border…add a little more fabric to the striped border, matching the stripes perfectly so it’s undetectable. Goes without saying, I’ll be adding inside the corners. I’ve got the corners mitered perfectly and I’m not going to screw that up!! The same goes for the orange border. I just need to increase those 2 border stripes to fit the main body. Of course…that is going to throw the “Broken Plates” border design below the striped borders so I’ll have to fix that as well, but I’ll come up with something. I already sorta came up with a fix by making these:

It’s a 9-patch in the corner, with a small 3 piece strip border on one side in all 4 corners to make up for some additional width, but it’s clumsy. I *think* that when I increase the size of the border stripes, the spacing will allow for something better, maybe even another full Broken Plates block, we’ll see. Of course, because I needed still more length at the bottom, I created this mash-mash, using up the extra half diamonds and what-not. I do NOT like the white/maroon stripe. That needs to goes away. But…(how many times do I need to learn this lesson??? No matter how close you are to being done, when you get tired, QUIT!! It will still be there tomorrow! Hurriedly sewing it up, then having to go back and unpick the abomination is more work and further away from the finish line! Also, your work shows you didn’t care about the end product! Learn this! Internalize this!!)…when I was finishing this, I was tired and just wanted to get it done. And it shows. So, I’ll be unpicking that and I don’t know what I’ll do to replace it. I need a 2” of something to fit there. Maybe instead of 2 rows of 2” blocks…3 rows? Don’t know. I’ll just get to work on the fixing the inside borders to let the quilt top lie flat and let my silent partner (my subconscious) work on fixing the broken plates design borders. Who can say what she’ll come up with???


Speaking of it was late and I was tired and wanted this done, when I tried to quilt the high loft bulky batting, quilt top and backing together under my machine, everything shifted and the mistakes of the ill fitting quilt top were exacerbated. So, after I fix the size of the added border, I think I’ll hand baste the top to the lower loft batting and backing before I put it under the sewing machine needle. The quilt is so bunched up into the space to the right of the needle that I can’t see when and where things start shifting out of place.

Hmmm. I surprised to find that I’m actually quite excited about getting in there and getting this fixed! Nice!! I’ll get this quilt top sorted.

Now about that Airstream…(I LOVE HER!)….

We had our first outing in her this weekend. It was glorious! It exceeded my expectations. We had a ball! I hadn’t seen Raymond since Christmas/New Year’s holiday and I missed him like crazy. I don’t like not being able to see him. It feels like I’ll never get to see him ever again! Crazy, I know. So our first outing was specifically to see him. We stayed at the Montpelier KOA, Raymond came over and spent every day with us. We took a long drive around Bear Lake had a nice picnic lunch in Paris, stopped in at an empty State Park and let the pups run free while we hiked around, had GREAT dinners (both R.D. & Raymond are Traeger/BBQ gourmets), drank beer, sat around the fire pit, laughed, joked, teased one another and just generally was happy we were all together again. The next day, R.D. & I took the pups to another park with a reservoir and hiked up a very steep hill, Possum & Ollie Bear loved it no end. The last day, R.D. stayed back with the pups and Raymond & I went to a local antique shop and then for a drive up the canyon where we had to go 4WD in some places. Just mindlessly chatting about nothing and everything.  Great time. Did my soul a world of good.

All systems in the Airstream seem to work as designed. It was thrilling to be in her. Toototabon (I LOVE HER, TOO!) towed her like the 2500 HD Duramax she is, up a 5% grade mountain and we couldn’t even tell she was dragging an Airstream behind her!

I should have taken more pictures. But we were all having such a great time that outside of grabbing my phone or iPad while drifting off to sleep, I just didn’t reach for an electronic device. Maybe we spent way too much time during the unnecessary  lockdown with electronics and it was too nice to be away from them and all the garbage online. I did take a couple of pics on the hike with R.D. I’ll end the post with some shots of crystal clear mountain streams.

Sure wish I could upload the vids I took but that takes more doing than I’m willing to do right at this minute and I need to get going on the day.

And that’s that. Loves to all.


Jyps 🦋 


Jypsea Rose