Failure Is An Opportunity To Begin Again~

May 15, 2020 0 Comments


Here we go. I started this quilt top and it very quickly spun out of control. I lost the arm wrestling contest to it,  stayed up too late working on it, got over-tired, started making mistakes and just kept right on, building upon mistake after mistake. You know, like any normal person would. Mistakes that were exacerbated after I put it on top of batting, added a backing and then quilted it together. Yikes-a-relli! Here, take a look-it’s a hot mess!


The measurements were waaaaay off, so the border of Broken Plates didn’t fit. No problem! says I. I’ll just…make some $**t up and sew it together! I can sew!! I have skills! I mean honestly, look at this abomination! 

”Let’s add a 9-patch here and there in the corners…let me sew up this little strip of 3 squares to ‘make it fit’ in between…need a little more length, so here’s an alternating 2 rows of squares…still doesn’t fit…I’ll just…”

Now its midnight and I’m seeing double and this quilt is a mess. It’s just for the Airstream…who cares???

Turns out, I do. 

All told, I probably spent a week  unpicking everything apart until I just had the body of the quilt down to the paisley diamond block border left. And oh, by the way, in a complete separate issue, the second border stripes of orange and cream stripe? It was just that small that everything inside of it was kinda squooshed (industry term) to fit in it. Sigh. Sigh. Heavy sigh.

Look! I was very excited when we brought the Airstream home! And then the Nationwide House Arrest Order came and well…things just spun out of control from there.

I snipped the 2nd orange/cream stripe border in the middle to release the tension on the body of the quilt. My thought was to make an attractive block to cover where it had been cut.  But I just could not come up with something that made me happy. I spent 2 days trying to create an attractive diamond shaped small block to add some length but nothing looked good. Everything looked half-fast. So, finally today, I completely unpicked the 2nd orange/cream stripe border to get rid of it altogether and replaced it with this one:

Now mind you, I had unpicked (one row at a time) everything until the only thing I had was the actual body of the quilt with the 1st orange/cream stripe border. Now, after replacing the 2nd orange/cream stripe border…I have this:


 Couple of things, I’m beginning to fall in love here. I really, really love the 2nd orange/cream stripe border gone. It’s not so loud, now, and just looks “cleaner” to me. Bonus, just the one orange/cream stripe border really makes it pop now! Because…less is more. It was a lot of work, but I’m so happy I put the effort in to fix this. I could have gotten away with it, this little quilt is just for R.D.’s bed in the Airstream, no one will ever see it, not entering it into the county fair…but seriously, it would have bothered me no end. 

After that, I started rewickering the Broken Plates border, this is what I have so far:


The Broken Plates border fits better now. I discovered a thing about that block pattern…(quilting is almost new to me, I haven’t sewn a quilt in 16 years~I sew clothes!)…I sewed the blocks together in assembly line fashion, i.e. side to side to side, linearly from left to right. But, for the horizontal sides, I should have sewn the blocks together stacked one on top of the other. That’s one reason (I think) I couldn’t get the border to fit better. It fits now, tho. Although…I can’t really see how it would make a diff….I just need y’all to not give me any grief over it. It’s working now, leave me be.

All I know is, I’m really falling for this little quilt and glad I had the good sense to put it aside after it got away from me. I still have to come up with a solution for adding a little length to the quilt for my 6’6” husband so his toes don’t freeze. He says he’d rather not spend the money for surgery to have his legs shortened even tho I told him in detail  about the work and thinking and effort to get all these quilt blocks to fit together. He’s the Taliban. Meh. I still love him. I’ll come up with a non-abominational something. I got this.

If it wasn’t after 11:00pm and I wasn’t so tired right now & seeing double,  I’d still be in there in front of my Bernina and a seam ripper in my hands! I’m really excited about getting back in there tomorrow working on this baby!! We’re going back out in the Airstream to Eastern Idaho again this Sunday. I want to have it finished so I can take the top, batting and backing and work on hand basting it while we’re out. 

Yep. It was a good day.


Jyps 🦋 

Jypsea Rose