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May 17, 2020 0 Comments

Did not get as much finished as I wanted, not finished enough to take it with us this today. It takes time to unpick the seams of a quilt block that is made up of 4 half squares arranged in a particular way, reorient them and sew them again. I had to do that to 75% of the blocks already sewn. Additionally, I had to cut half squares for 6 more blocks, I was short that many. THAT had me scrambling and cannibalizing previous unworkable blocks, because out of fabric! Panic!! Yesterday was work intensive. But finished the Broken Plates border, I did.

Also, yes. One does have to rotate the BP block after each turn of the corner to a different side of the quilt for flow.

Abomination Reminder:


In the overflowing sewing room:


Natural sunlight of the living room: (why is this shot important, Jyps??)

Ah. The BP border is soooo much better! Much flow now!!

I measured it against R.D. for length purposes and it was *just* right, no margin for error…toes….juuuuusst….baaaarely covered. R.D. is a patient man and I admire him for his capacity to endure without complaining.  I took it out to the Airstream, The Clipper (I’m trying out that name, now~the original “Flying Cloud” was a clipper ship navigated by a woman, Eleanor Creesy in 1854 and I quite like that), to see how it fit:


Not bad. But I believe I need another 8” for the full Happiness-Of-Project quotients.

Note to myself: I really need to change the LED bulbs in The Clipper (hmmm…will it stick? Dunno!). That is some harsh lighting. Just sayin’.

I stared at the pics of this quilt last night before drifting off to sleep and I see a 3.5” border top and bottom and binding of this fabric, I used this fabric as part of the main star blocks:

So, that’s this quilt…aaaaanndd…weather update….

This entire week calls for rain. There’s a front moving in. It will rain all across Idaho. I just called the campground and got them to shift our reservation over a week to next Sunday. They did it without any additional cost, bless them. I would have paid a cancellation fee, them’s the rules and all but they seemed genuinely happy to switch it, no problemo. Eastern Idaho is expecting an early morning snow shower in a day or two, which doesn’t bother me one whit. I don’t mind hanging out in The Clipper…(hmmm…I’m not sure about that name…doesn’t feel natural yet, but still…Eleanor Creesy!! Yay!) but I can’t do it with our 2 dogs. They’re young. They’re shepherds. They love their back yard. I love them in our backyard. Makes life easier for everyone except the neighbors when they get to barking and we have to yell at them to “Git in the house, you curs!”. I get to finish the quilt today. R.D. should have it when we take off next Sunday.

Truth: you know the *one* name that is naturally sticking to the Airstream??? “The Beer Can”. We are both using that name for her and it’s irking me. She deserves a more respectful name. Sigh. Life comes at you fast, all one can do is react.  Funny thing, our license plate for the Airstream has a combo of EL15 in it….and I flashed immediately on Ellie/Ellis but dismissed it just as fast. Now I really admire this Eleanor Creesy; and not in a radical feminazi way. She did this in 1854, that’s what’s amazing. However, you look at those pioneering women back then and they were tough as nails, they had to be. Ignore the historical documents of Louis L’Amour where all the little virtuous womens are maidens in distress in a corset what need ’em a Sackett man or two for the rescuings from the bad hombres what are always lurking about his pages. (Looking at you, R.D.)

Alright. Off to fire up the iron and Imogen the Bernina. I name everything.


Jyps 🦋 

June 17, 2020

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