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The Airstream. She has no name, save her nickname “The Beer Can”.  Nothing sticks. I tried the respectable, dignified route, The Eleanor Creesy and that just didn’t take. Because we are an unserious people. There is no sobriety nor gravitas in us. We? Are a ridiculous couple. We like David Lynch movies. I tried running the words “beer” and “can” thru foreign languages to see if something cool popped up and caught my attention but nothing. RD says we’ll know the right name when we come across it. Outside of rejecting naming suggestions, he’s been absolutely no help whatsoever in this matter. Meantime, in between name suggestions, we keep going back and referring to her by her nickname The Beer Can. And that is what is going to stick, I can feel it. We are farcical people. 

Anyways, I finished the new seat cushion covers. I’m very happy for it! What a great project!! I used real, honest to gosh, upscale upholstery fabric and I’m actually high from the good experience. Successful sewing projects always leave me with a high, I get an extra dose of of feel-good serotonin surging thru my brain when a project turns out better than expected, but this one? I’m walking on air! What’s not to love? Creativity! DIY! Usefulness! Skill Levels! All good things for my self esteem.

The Airstream (mustn’t give in…resist…do not call her the….) the day  we picked her up, in all her au natural splendor~

And now, with new covers~(don’t mind the rug. It’s temporary to keep the table leg from causing damage to the floor. I’ll go rug shopping.)

Yes ma’am, you are seeing that correctly, I did indeed match the fabric plaid pattern & accent stripes from one piece to the next. You’re welcome.

Fun project. Enjoyed it very much. I worked late into the night, went to bed happy thinking about it, woke up the next morning eager to get back at it. 

This is the closest picture I have to the true colors. Olive green/brown.

The pattern I drafted didn’t work out as exact as it should have in these fabrics, compared to how it worked with the test fabric. Because the fabric is different? These were some straight up upholstery fabrics I ordered online, quite a lot thicker than the heavy cotton I used in the test fabric. The solid olive green panels are backed with felt. I thought it would be hard to sew but nah, it sewed like a dream. My pattern needs to be trued up from one pattern piece to the next. I need to make a note of that on the manilla envelope I store this pattern in for next time. I’ll forget~like I did this time~and get to cutting pattern pieces out and have the same problems I had here. Oh, I managed to make it work just fine, the problems were rather minor inconveniences. It would just be nice to not have to fuss with that and know that the pattern is true. It was off enough in some places that after I sewed the covers up, I had to take the seam ripper and open up a seam here and there a little bit, then work it by hand to make the pieces fit better and more snugly over the cushions. To maintain a snug fit, I slip-stitched it in place by hand, then put it back under the machine and sewed over the hand stitching to secure it. Like this corner here. Every zipper closure had to be closed by hand on one end. I don’t think there’s a way around that, tho. 


Ripping the seam apart where it was off , too loose, gapped/pulled, or Just didn’t quite fit the contours of the cushion, and stitching it back together by hand let me “mold” the fabric exactly where I wanted it to be. And pleasant. I love hand stitching.  The last thing I did after I was sure these cushions were fitting in place is to sew on strips of 2” Velcro. The other side of the Velcro is already attached to the seating area of the Airstream. Keeps the cushions in place so they don’t slide around as you get up and down. I did not do that to the test fabric and it was a pain trying to keep the cushions in place. I also did not sew the zip closures in the test fabric so the test covers just slipped over like a pillow case. It was just for fitting but we kept them on when we were out in her because of the dogs. I will be very glad to have the zips and Velcro in place for future.

I still have the small loose cushion to do, and there behind the  dinette booth seat back is a cushion “spacer”  that’s still in the original white. I’m planning on coverIng it in the fabric I used for the backing. Will take me a day and a half to finish both of them, I reckon. There are 3 smaller throw pillows I’ll do to match the new cushion covers but that can wait.

My sewing room looks like a bomb went off. It is a huge mess right now. I’ve been resisting the urge to clean until after this major project was completed, this is a really messy project. Couple more days and then I can jump in there and clean and organize. It should be driving me nuts but it’s not. That’s how much I’ve enjoyed this project.

I’m happy.

The poor pups, tho. It’s the 4th of July and fireworks are going off all around. Possum is actually doing ok and Ollie Bear is the one freaking out!! I would have lost money on that bet! I finally gave Ollie a Benadryl, that’s how nervous the poor guy was. He finally passed out and is resting quite comfortably at my feet. I took them out for a last night pee-pee before bed and one big firework went off so poor Ollie jumped out of his skin and high-tailed it back into the house without doing his business. Possum just calmly stood by me.  

That’s it, that’s this project in the can except for a couple of loose ends. Next, I start the quilt for my bed in…The Airstream… I’m looking forward to that one, too. I missed working on RD’s quilt in the evenings!


Jyps 🦋  

P.S. I’m not proofreading. It’s 12:38am, I was up early this morning to get the last dinette booth seat completed. If verbs here don’t agree or there are misspellings, we’ll just all have to live with it. Apologies.

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