A Post In Hieroglyphics~

July 24, 2020 0 Comments

Dear Diary~

No long post, no Lessons Learned to share. Just the 2nd quilt for my bed in The Airstream; aka The BeerCan. I loved making it. Time well spent. Anyway, here she is:



My 1st choice was the gold-on-cream for the star points, but didn’t like. Changed to burnt orange fabric for star points. Much better!

Building blocks~

Body of quilt complete. Border time~

Four 1” fabric strips to form a frame border. Had to remove the last strip, threw the math off and couldn’t make the next border fit. This does not violate the No Lessons Learned edict of this entry as I have learned nothing. I will, in fact, ignore the border math problem again. And again…because border strips creating a frame is very pretty to me, can’t stop, won’t stop. I could have kept adding to make the math work again, but that would have increased the size, making it Not-A-Twin quilt. I didn’t need it wider, I needed it longer.

 Ye olde Diamond-In-Block border. 

Adding 3.5” top/bottom to get the length I needed. But not crazy about this layout. Unfortunately, discovered I wasn’t crazy about after I had sewn it together. So, had to unpick it and rearrange. Crazy, right?!?!?

An idea of what it will look like across from R.D.’s  quilt once it’s finished:

I’d really like this fabric for the backing but not sure I have enough, even with a bit of piecing it together. I’ll give it a try, tho.


If there’s not enough, I’ll go with this one:’


Before I begin the hand quilting, the house needs a thorough going over and deep clean. We may or may not have a house guest next week. A young 21 year old nephew has a week’s vacation and no where to go due to the shut down. Unless he gets a better offer, he’ll come spend his time with us just for a change of scenery and to get out of town. With or without a house guest, the place needs to good deep clean. I had an eye appointment midday last week, not enough time in the morning to do some sewing, but too much time to sit and do nothing so I started a deep clean on the sewing room. When I sew…it looks like a bomb went off in there. I should start back in there today to get that room finished and then move out towards the kitchen. Looks like the hand quilting will begin Sunday.

Temps are now into the high 90s/low 100s. Too hot to RV. It would be fine with just R.D. & I but not with Ollie Bear and Possum. If I’m going to be stuck indoors with the pups, I prefer to be stuck inside the house. Seems our two boys don’t like the hot weather, and prefer inside under the comforts of the air conditioner. Worst cow dogs ever. Even confined to the indoors to avoid the heat, they still insist on interaction and play-play. I have more rooms to hide away from them in the house when I get tired of throwing the ropes with knots in it for OB!!!

After I quilt this, that will be the 3 major projects I wanted to do for the new Airstream…quilts for both beds and new cushion covers. I still have to make new covers for the throw pillows in the Airstream. I’ve added the project of sewing up a pretty little table cloth for it. While I was working on it, I kept laying this quilt out on the work table in the sewing room and always thought  “Oh! How pretty!! I should make a table cloth…” So…that needs doing now.

The Bernina is going to get quite the workout this year as I promised quilts to a few family members this year. Two Sisters-In-Law~Seattle & SoCal, Raymond, of course, and my brother. Our loved ones get quilts for Christmas this year. The quilt that was on our bed is in tatters, because going on 15 years of use/dogs/washing/drying and I need a new one in there. Since I’m making a new one for our room, might as well do up a new one for the guest room real quick once. But it’s all good, I decided 2020 would be the Year Of The Fabric Stash Busting. No new fabric purchases this year. I already have too much fabric as it is, both quilting cotton and garment fabric. Fabric, that at the time of purchase, I thought was just pretty and have since saved it for “something special” and now I’m bursting at the seams of over 20 years of stashing fabric. This year…it ends. I’m burning thru my fabric stash. 

Before I start the next quilt (Raymond’s), I have to make a dress or two just as a palate cleanser. I may for the first time in my life, do two projects at once. Work on a new dress by day, quilt by hand at night. I usually suck at that, can’t quit one project to go work on another and then I have a hard time quitting the 2nd project once I get going to go back to the 1st one. I have a hard time changing gears. I am great at focusing down and concentrating hard on the task at hand. Raymond has that, too. He can shut the outside world out and lose himself in a task like a boss. But if I hand quilt all day every day, I’m risking carpal tunnel syndrome, so I’m going to try and force myself to go back and forth to save my hands. Because, old age.

Speaking of Raymond, Congratulations! to him! He was just promoted to Foreman at work. In a hair over 2 years, he’s gone from entry level pay to one step below salaried management. Very proud of you, Son! Well done!

That’s all. Time to jump up and get going. R.D. has already started on his chores. Jumping into the house is a good way to lose oneself. Pop on some music and the next thing you know, it’s dinner time, you’re exhausted (but feeling good about yourself) and the house shines. I’ll be in a good mental space when I start the hand quilting.


 Jyps 🦋 

Jypsea Rose