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September 3, 2020 0 Comments

OK then! That’s done! Finished the 2nd quilt for the Airstream-With-No-Name. That’s a 3 for 3 in goals! I rock! RD’s quilt, new cushion covers (still loving those) and finally,  my quilt.

Before I get started, let me say WordPress has upgraded and I do not care for it one little whit. As do quite a few WordPressers. On the forum support, there’s a “READ THIS FIRST” that goes into a ranty  “DON’T YELL AT US, WE WORKED LONG AND HARD OVER THOUSANDS OF HOURS TO MESS YOUR BLOG UP LIKE THIS AND WE’RE DOING THE BEST WE CAN 😪”. So I just have to get on with it and learn how to deal, but I hate the WordPress upgrade completely. Just. Leave. Things. Alone!!! I don’t want to learn something new!! #Jerks

So that’s the rant. Onto sewing stuff~

Thirty three days. Took me 33 days to hand quilt this beauty!

(Ummmm….ok…I think I have the hang of this new upgrade and *begrudgingly*….maybe it’s alright after all.)

I like the backing, too. As I suspected, I didn’t have enough of the fabric I wanted for the backing. I used my 2nd choice fabric to add width, and then I brought the binding over for an extra 1” just because. This pleases me. Standard 1/2” binding on the front, a full 1” binding on the back, corners mitered front and back which is not as easy as you might think. Ended up just hand stitching the miters on the backside.

Pad Stitching kept the fabric on a nice straight of grain!

This is something: I began quilting on one of the long sides when I probably should have started in the middle and worked my way out as fabric shifts when one doesn’t have a quilting loom to keep all the layers taunt.

It Begins~

This occurred to me after I had quilted one and a half lines of quilting and noticing the fabric shifting some. What I was not willing to do was unpick all that quilting and start anew. No Sir. No Way. Thank you, but no thanks to that. I thought about how to manage this quilting crisis and came up with pad stitching the 3 layers together and just stress it out (which as you know, is always good for the blood pressure and marital relationships).

Pad Stitch for shift control

That worked fine…on one side. I could get one side nice and flat and a bit taunt, flip it over to see that the other side was uncooperative.

So, I would pad stitch once, flip it over smooth out the excess and pad stitch it a second time. Every time. I did this every single time I started a new row of quilting. I really didn’t mind doing it that way. There is something about hand stitching that I just love. It is the most zen of zen activities!

However, it was never taunt enough, so the end result was a bit of a loosey-goosey quilt job but something that I thought would take care of itself in the first wash/dry. It did, some, but there was enough excess in the fabric that it is “crinkly”…that as it turns out, I absolutely adore. The more I wash/dry it, the more that will go away as the 100% cotton shrinks. I was careful enough with the pad stitching, that I managed to keep the fabric backing straight, so great success! Pad stitching controlled fabric shift!

Backing showing quilting

Now I know why quilt shops ask for 8” of excess in batting and backing. As you quilt and fabric shifts, this happens. I was up to 1” short of batting to quilt top. No worries. I simply cut strips of batting to fill the gap.

Squaring up

One of my favorite parts!! Finished with quilting, squaring up all three layers ready for binding. Neats it right up!

That’s the story of the Fan Fare quilt. I’m going thru withdrawals now. I need to start a new sewing project. Which puts me into a quandary. I am not buying new fabric until I burn thru the tons of fabric I already have. Or so I said. I’ve promised quilts to some family members…and I’m in a quilting frame of mind these days…that requires new quilt fabric, because colors. They all have their own favorite colors and whatnot. I also want to make new curtains for the Airstream and that needs thermal backing drapery fabric for that. And the Airstream window curtain clips so it fits into the curtain rods. These are hard choices when you’re in a fabric purchasing moratorium.

Anyways, it all has to wait and I have to make do with the fabric I already have. We’re replacing the garage doors. We’ve had nothing but problems with the RV bay door. That door only has a 1/2 HP motor. Per the “experts”~all of them, even on YouTube~RV bay doors should be at least 3/4 HP motor. Our garage doors are Builder-Grade & the cheapest on the market, so we’re upgrading everything. It stinks when the door won’t come down. And then we panic… “We can’t just leave the door open!! We’ll be robbed! Can we get someone out here today?!?!” (Yes. Garage door companies will come out today. They charge for that, tho.) Once you’ve been thru that several times, you start to think “We need a new door.” Garage door companies charge for new doors, too. We can’t just replace the garage door, the 2-car door will need to be replaced as well for aesthetics. We’re paying cash to not incur debt hence…no new fabric purchases. I can’t get out of a fabric shop for less than $300. It’s an addiction. Ergo, no new fabric until I get the garage doors paid for. It’s fine, really. The shutdown has everything slowed down, the doors won’t even be here until the 28th and I’ve squirreled away half the $$ so far. The bookkeeper in me has already gamed this out…. “Install on the 28th, charge the card, that cycle ends Oct 18, so the bill won’t be due until Nov 15th…” I’ve got this, it’s just I’m saving, not spending for the next 2 months. After that? “Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!”

So today, I believe I will start a new dress and/or a chemise. I’m always in need of another nightdress. I love the comfort of being in jammies while at home. Or, I may give in and start this interesting quilt pattern for more of a scrappy quilt. I do have the fabric for this pattern. For the guest bedroom. And it will scratch the itch! I am just totally into quilts this year!

Across Kansas

I found this patten and kept going back to it. I finally gave in and spent the $1.95 + Free Shipping for it. Big spender, me. I like this quilt pattern. The sunflowers are appliquéd.

The Airstream

We were out this weekend. Went to Hagerman. It was ok. We had 25mph winds, gusts of 35mph so we didn’t get out that much. I still love my Airstream, tho. We have been able to stream in every camp we’ve stayed at. RD says it’s because compression algorithms are much better and don’t use much bandwidth. So the four of us just tucked ourselves away in the Airstream and cozied up. Nice weekend.


Jyps 🦋 

P.S. As I’ve gone thru this post, I’m seeing that maybe this upgrade is quite alright! There are some things that are better & much easier to use. And somehow, thru all my clicking this and saving that, I did manage to wang-jangle my way *back* to the old way (Classic Editor) of creating a post~and found myself wanting the new way (BLock Editor) of doing things. Interesting. I think it was just that I did not want to learn something new. I could only change the font in classic, but when I switched over to Block, it was messed up. I can center the caption under the photos in Block, but they won’t center in Classic. 

Jypsea Rose