The Times They Are A-Changin….Maybe…

October 6, 2020 0 Comments

There may or may not be some big changes a-comin’. For the life of me, I cannot at this moment discern what will or will not come. I’m at peace about it all. When I try to quiet my center and listen to my intuition, all that comes back is “It will be alright. Everything will work out to the highest good of all.” And that’s all I need to know.

My brother has started a business. He has made his fortune and is was retired. He learned posthaste that retirement wasn’t isn’t for him. He was bored. He looked around at a many business start-up opportunities and found a franchise he thought would be fun to bootstrap and get up off the ground. Good for him! I don’t rightly know exactly what they will do…something-something automotive…big truck…mechanical… When I ask, my brother says “It can be anything we want it to be. We will have to hustle to get business in the door.” My brother is like a 6 year old on Christmas morning with a new train set and he gets to build the town for the set. He’s very excited. Not for nothing, my brother is a natural born businessman. His 1st business (that I’m aware of) was when he was 15 and he started a hay hauling business. He didn’t have a driver’s license. His 1st hire was for a 16 year old with a driver’s license. He’s that guy.

This is relative because he wants Raymond. Raymond, of course, is a Heavy Equip Diesel guy, but Raymond is also very interested in owning his own business. He says he doesn’t want to turn wrenches all his life. He’ll have to take a cut in pay at first, which he’s struggling with…(for what it’s worth, I really don’t think Raymond can go back to living like a 20 year old, barely making ends meet)…keeping his eye on the big picture. Cut in pay today, reap big rewards down the road.

Raymond & I are barely back, just got in Sunday night, from a road trip to my brother’s. Great trip. Just the two of us, him & me. RD volunteered to stay home with the pups to make traveling easier. We traveled all secondary roads going and stayed off the interstate as much as possible. We listened to the “We Are Legion, We Are Bob” series audio books by Dennis Taylor, a most entertaining story. We took our time getting there. In Kansas, we hopped off the interstate and took a country highway down to Medicine Lodge where I was born. Now that? Was way cool. I saw the primary school where I went to kindergarten. I tried to find the house we lived in but my brother & I got our signals crossed and I was on the wrong street. That old house might just still be there. (We highly doubt it, it was old as dirt back in the 60s when we lived there!! What are the odds it’s still standing? 😂) The day we were there happened to be Medicine Lodge’s homecoming and the whole town was turned out for the parade. It’s a very small community and I thought it was adorable! I sure hope they won.

My Kindergarten

Brother remembered this statue in the town

Medicine Lodge Homecoming Parade Fire Truck

I swear I remember this building

I have other pics that were a lot of fun to share with my brother, but as the entire town was turned out and there were a lot of little kids around, I was careful where to point my iPhone for pics. For the few that I accidentally captured, I’m reluctant to share them online here.

I’d like to take an RV trip down that way again with RD and stop at a little town called Great Bend, KS. This place was…so charming!! Old, VERY well maintained and manicured. Just a gorgeous little Small America town! Their streetlights….are situated on the corners!! How cute is that?!?!

Street corners

Also, just outside of Great Bend, was this magnificent place…Raymond & I let out a collective gasp when we drove past it and threatened each other with turning around to go back and spend the day crawling around in it in person!! But, we only had 10 days for vacation and needed to get to Brother’s. We will go back. Promise!!

Hard to choose just one pic, click the link for more!

I hung out at Brother’s lake house while Raymond ran around with him. So very pleasant! The weather was gorgeous. The surroundings were magnificent. A very dreamy vacation. I brought along some sewing projects and the days out on his patio and verandas hand sewing rates right up there, in my books. Lots of dinners out and socializing. Maybe too much socializing, I’m exhausted from laughing so much! Without a doubt, way too many dinners out. RD & I eat at home. I’m in need of home cooking.

*IF* he takes the job and moves to the Midwest, we’re talking about going with him. We’re already looking at real estate there. Not finding a house that tickles my fancy just yet, but there has to be one, I’m thinking. We started looking around here, planning out what would need doing to put this house on the market. Plan A is to have movers come in, pack up all our furniture, store it until we buy a new house and let the realtors stage this place with their furniture for sale. Just easier to turn it over to the professionals. This house will sell quickly. What with the exodus from California to Idaho, our area is massively short of housing inventory, people are living in RVs waiting for houses to become available. Houses in my neighborhood are either sold before they hit the MLS, or within a 24hrs after being listed. Two houses down, one just sold for $50K over asking. In a day or two!!

Coming back, we just needed to put miles behind us. I wanted Raymond to have 2 days to decompress and think about things before he had to go back to work. Driving thru Wyoming, about 50 miles of the Idaho border, watching the high mountain desert and rock formations…he & I both sighed. How can we leave this? This is home. This is where we belong. This is our little corner of the world. The Midwest is nice, but it’s not home. There would be tax advantages to living there. My brother’s state doesn’t tax military retirement or social security. Property taxes are much lower. Don’t get me started on how our property taxes here keep going up and up…because renters get to vote on whether I pay more in property tax to fund education…UNFAIR IDAHO!! And we are huge believers in paying for education!! Since California has decided to move to here, our property taxes are becoming ridiculous. The local government has acknowledged this. In public forums they talk about it and say something needs to be done…but in the end, they keep raising them. Idaho state law says that education can only be funded thru property taxes. The laws on the books here in Idaho do not permit raising education funds thru sales tax or the such. Only property taxes can get them the money they need. Very, very unfair to property owners. But…whaddya gonna do, hmmm?

So Raymond has some thinking to do. He’s making a decision for all 3 of us. (Five if you count Possum & Ollie Bear, which I most certainly do.)

We won’t do anything until next Spring. We’ll winter here. The Corona virus nonsense should be good and over by then. Schools will be opening up completely and people will be scrambling to get a fixed address and their children registered in good schools. Also, we won’t have to live in the Airstream over the winter while we look for a house there. This gives Raymond some time to see if he can really live back there. He may hate it. He’s a Western Man.

Trouble is…I love my house here. I don’t really know I want to move. So maybe things are a-changin’ and maybe they’re not. RD offered to just find me a new son. One that is local!!

Till later~

Jyps 🦋

Update: 24 hrs later, I do not want to move. I love my house, I love Idaho. This is my home. I do not want to move to the Midwest. I’m staying. That’s what the Airstream is for. Should Raymond decide to take the job, we’ll go see him and stay for a month at a go. But I stay here.

Jypsea Rose