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What I should be doin’ today is cleaning house. I may yet. What I want to do is quilt. Very close to finishing one, no, two. Seattle’s quilt is back from the shop after being long-armed. It needs binding and then I can get it off to her. I like the binding, machine sew it on front side, hand stitch it down on the back. The hand stitching is my favorite, nice, quiet work that puts me in the zone. I zen. I can only seriously enjoy zenning out to hand stitching when the house is clean.

Her quilt turned out nice. I’m rather pleased! I’ll have to put a pic of it after it’s bound.

As for Brother’s & Cousin Ava’s quilts…all the blocks are made. I’ve started putting the blocks together with the sashings on Brother’s. It’s turning out far better than I had imagined. I’m in love with how beautiful it is so far.

Two more rows to sash and sew together. I believe my cousin’s bed is just a full so I don’t think I’ll add the black border to each block to cut down the size. That will also make it easier to fit in her washing machine, too, so she doesn’t have to take it to a laundromat to clean.

That settles it. Thanks, diary!! The dusting can wait. The vacuuming can be outsourced to RD. Imma finish this quilt, should be done Monday. Hopefully by Tuesday, I can have it into the shop for the quilting of it.

The pups are beginning to smell. And that, I will have to take care of. I have the nose of a bloodhound and they’re driving me crazy. If I have to choose one chore today, it will be them. And then scrub the bathroom down.

Well, alright then. Off I go.

But first, the image I found for the top of the post is of a reproduction quilt. I need that pattern!! I have to have it!! I’ll be off into the interwebs trying to run that down over the next few days.


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