1 Down, 1 In The Shop, 1 Under The Machine…4 To Go~

February 16, 2021 0 Comments

Seattle Sis’ quilt is done & ready to go! Looking forward to placing it in her hands!!

The blue binding is lovely! I thought it would take a week to 10 days to finish binding it by hand, but I managed it in 5 days. The quilt has been laundered & it quilted up beautifully!

I finished The Brother’s quilt top~

Now, this quilt…Ooh La La…! I am so in love with this beauty!! I loved piecing the blocks together and it thrilled my heart to watch that Irish Chain come out. I made 2 versions of this quilt, side by side. Tomorrow, I will start on the sashing & stars for the 2nd quilt of this pattern. Sometime, maybe next year, I will make this quilt again for myself. This one goes to my bro, the 2nd one is for my cousin Ava. I’m guessing 3 days to get that one all buttoned up. Hers won’t have the striped border. Her bed is only a full size and this size is for a queen. I’ve decided to take it to the cream border and call it a day.

So, yeah, the quilting thing. It is here to stay. For Valentines, RD got me the Bernina Q16 longarm. It’s of the “handi-quilter” variety. I’ve been looking at long arms for months now.


  1. Spendy.
  2. Cost as much as a new car, some of them.
  3. They have large footprints…6’x10’ in some cases.
  4. If you buy one, you are a quilter now.


  1. One is a quilter now and there are some amazing patterns out there I’m itching to do up.
  2. Takes my quilt shop over 2 mos to get a quilt done, that’s how much they’re backed up. I won’t have to wait on them anymore.
  3. I would like to do it start to finish myself.

The Bernina Q16 is a sit down table, free motion version. It’s fine. RD & I talked about pulling money from here or there to pay for it but in the end, the shop was offering 48 mos 0 interest so voilà, that’s what we opted for. Do not go by the price on the Bernina website, I did not pay that much for this new machine.

What I like about this one is that when I finish quilting with it, the machine can go into the closet and the table folds up to be put away. It should be here in 2 weeks and I think this machine will be great fun.

Next up is Raymond’s quilt. Once again, I will do the pattern he chose up twice. He chose a Civil War Reproduction pattern that is gorgeous. I want it, too! Just for reminder’s purposes:

In other news, Urbit is up & running!! This is very exciting!! Early investor, me. Back in 2013, then again in 2017, I bought 2 Stars thru a crowdfunding sale Urbit/Tlon held to raise money. Like a bake sale. Galaxy>>Stars>>Planets>>Moons>>Comets is their hierarchy terminology. There’s a place to go look at buying Stars & Planets today and let’s just say…I made a REALLY good investment here. ’Nuff said. Won’t pay off for me today or maybe even next year but the day is coming. Not that I will be the one to make the really huge bucks off the investment, I liken it to the farmer that sells his hundred acres to a developer. Sure, the farmer will get a big payday from his acreage, but the developer is the one that will become the millionaire several times over. I’m just saying for the money I spent to buy those 2 stars…I did very well for myself. For sometime in the future.

Seven years I’ve waited for this!! Of course, I followed along but unless one was a software engineer, good luck following those nerds!!

Anyhoo, last October or November, I received an email from Urbit/Tlon advising they were offering to “On-Board” people with Planets. Which I have. Stars are networking infrastructures, not Urbit addresses so each of my Stars came with an assigned Planet. Each Star can spin off 64,000 Planets so…I’m good!! Long story short, I am live on Urbit with the Planet ~pinwyl-hasfeb. I’m going by Pinwheel. Since this is a brand new internet, there is so much to learn and I’m having a great time going thru this & meeting other Urbiters. It reminds me of the early, early days of the internet. I am looking forward to transferring this little ol’ online diary to my ~pinwyl-hasfeb one day. Someday.

My sigil.

I believe that after 7+ years, Urbit/Tlon finally had a stable working brand spanking new internet, functioning the way it was designed to and now they need users. Hence “We will onboard you for free and tell all your friends!” I offered up several friends and relatives, this will be fun when they get up and running.

Ok, that’s all. Life is quiet right now because winter and shut down. The quilting was originally just to get me thru it but it’s become a part of who I am I guess. Urbit has been a very fun, highly anticipated distraction that takes up a lot of my time during the day along with Telegram and following Q. Right now, I’m going to head off to Urbit-land and read more about Hoon.


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February 22, 2021

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