A Mulligan~

February 22, 2021 0 Comments

Quick post on a do-over. You know, like one does.

Working to put together the 2nd quilt, same pattern as for my bro. Big boo-boo, tho. The fabric I used for the star points in the sashing is a different fabric than the cornerstones, but unfortunately the exact same color. I matched it to the sashing and didn’t notice it got lost in the cornerstones until I stepped away.

Then the games begin. “It’s fine!” “No one will notice!” “It’s not going on display…” You know who would notice? Me. I would. “It’s going to be soooooo much work to redo…just do better next time…”

Woke up this morning and said to RD “I need to go to the quilt shop.” Bought another yard of the brown…came home and unpicked each block…and here we are:


Popping Star Points Achieved.

Did a tacky thing tonight. I’ve fallen madly head over heels in love with this quilt and want to keep it. This was originally for my cousin, but I don’t think she likes colors as “earthy” as I do. So I asked her what her fave colors are and she said pink/black or red/black…she wears a lot of red & black so that makes sense. I told her I would make her a new quilt in her colors if she would trade me. Of course she agreed and was happy to do it. Sweet gal! I don’t think I could have let this quilt go, to be honest.

Anyhoo, that’s it. Just a quickie little post.


Jyps 🦋

February 27, 2021

Jypsea Rose