A Mell Of A Hess~

February 27, 2021 0 Comments

👆🏻My week right there. RD & I both came down with colds. COLDS…not everything is the deadly Covid-19 with a survival rate of 99.9%, people. It was just a cold. Albeit, we were miserable. I get cranky & mean when I get truly sick, sore throat, feverish, coughing. I don’t want to be around anyone and just want to be left alone…to suffer…in silence.

RD? Nurse Florence-Freaking-Nightingale. He was the first to go down. He even went so far as to move himself into Raymond’s bedroom (the guest room, now I guess, but we still refer to it as Raymond’s) to try and prevent me getting sick. Also to sneeze & cough and blow his nose in private. The very next day, I went to the doorway to let him know it was too late, I had it as well, aaaannnddd….

RD sprang up out of bed as tho the archangel Gabriel himself had called his name! Off to the store to buy chicken stock fixings for homemade chicken stock in which to make home made chicken soup. Cups of tea. Aspirins. Completely no regard to his own aches and pains, he flew into action to take care of his wife. (This not only accurately describes my RD, but his entire family. He comes from a family of natural born care-givers! Love them so much!!!)

And me all cranky and mean and miserable and stuff, lashing out. “Get out of here with your cups of tea and pain relievers! Leave me alone!” Shameful, really. Now I have to be extra nice to him for the next several weeks. (It’s not that hard to do, he’s one of the great ones walking the earth.)

Yesterday, I was at long last, able to get up and around and do some things. And everything went wrong. Everything. If I touched it, it went pear shaped. Which made me crankier. And meaner.

Even this little blog of mine caused me grief. I had transferred to a new hosting site. Two Days In the Valley…of despair getting everything back up & running. I Raged Against The Machine all day long yesterday. Not for nothing, it was the email setup. Email setup was completely wrong, everytime I opened up Mail, my device repeatedly attempted contacting the new servers with wrong credentials, which made their servers think it was under bot attacked and they automatically blocked my IP address. Which took down my little blog and access to cPanel. The new hosting site had to manually unblock me multiple times.

The washing machine turned on me yesterday, wouldn’t run and flashed (for 1.3 seconds…one had to look fast to see it) an “F5” error code. It’s the thermistor. Can’t get it fixed till March 6. Because the shipping of a new thermistor. Raged against that machine, too. It defiantly, mockingly “F5”-ed me in stony silence.

Yesterday, both pups had to go into the vets for shots and wellness. Ollie Bear has had a sty on a lower eyelid for about a week that won’t go away so we really needed to keep that appointment. I’ve been doing warm compresses 3x a day, it was getting better, but not going away. Vet numbed the eye and took some cells to look at under a scope: maybe skin cancer. Benign, can easily be taken care of, but cancer nonetheless. Heartbreaking. Maybe, (hopefully) could be a granular cyst but yesterday couldn’t resist the opportunity to also put the throw the possibility of cancer in. Well played, Yesterday.

I received the bill for the first installment payment for the Bernina Q16 that isn’t here yet. I’ll be making payments on a machine I don’t yet have!! That’s actually kinda funny. In a “Oh go ahead life, do your worst!! Bring it on! You will not beat me! Not today, Satan!” kind of way. Sigh.

Then this morning, the sun came out. Like it does. Ollie’s sty/cyst/skin cancer looked to me like it had gone down significantly, maybe even gone…fingers crossed…

This morning, I managed to get onto cPanel>>RoundCube>>Email Accounts and was able to “check email” where I found an email from my new hosting service with directions to set up email. The directions from the email are different from the directions from cPanel. Of course, I did not know that because the correct directions were sent to the email account I was trying to set up…crazy! Now look, yes, the help desk techs did mention several times “Set up directions are in the email.” It would have been a great help had the help desk techs said: “UNFORTUNATELY, THE DIRECTIONS FROM THE CPANEL SITE ARE WRONG. DON’T USE THEM.”

I feel 100% better and will spend the day sewing finishing the quilt I’m working on.

Like a dam breaking, the bad yesterday is over, I’m overcoming obstacles this morning left, front & center, and things seem to be back on track.

So…I’m up & at ’em. Here’s to a very good, brand new day. Wishing all my fellow travelers a wonderful day today.


Jyps 🦋

February 22, 2021

Jypsea Rose