Storm On A Beach~

March 10, 2021 0 Comments

I’ve started Raymond’s quilt and this is going to be a pure love affair of the heart. Because, first~my son; second~ I’m crazy about him; and third~ when I asked him what his favorite color was, he said “Storm.” I mean…honestly…doesn’t that immediately slam shut the verbal areas of the brain and throw one’s consciousness into absolute visualization?? The Imagination Center of my brain has now taken full and total control of this project and hence, my life.

The first block:

I played around with the 13 dark & 6 light fabrics the pattern calls for that I bought and chose these for the first block. You have to start somewhere, I said to myself. But I have to say, right off the bat, I’m loving it. I got no problem with this fabric combination. The sandy color with the blue is really doing it for me. All the time, I’m keeping in the back of my mind his favorite color is “Storm” and using the inspiration from the pic for this post’s featured image.

We’re planning a good and proper vacation in the Airstream, maybe heading down towards the Grand Canyon, eventually over to Brother’s. Of course, I’ll have to stop to see Cousin Ava, can’t be in that part of the world and not see her. Returning thru South Dakota Badlands (which are…amazing!…) I’m trying to work out the timing with Raymond’s work schedule so he can meet us over in the Badlands. Or because, first trip of the year, we may just do a short trip & head back up towards Spokane, get Seattle & her husband to come meet us there. Gives the rest of the country more time to come to their senses and open back up.

Regardless of where we go, I need to update my wardrobe. I haven’t made myself a new article of clothing in about 2 years. Not since I started quilting and upholstering the Airstream. Some of my clothes are starting to look pretty shabby. I’ll allow myself one block of Raymond’s quilt a day and the rest of the time working on the wardrobe. Expect more garment posts & pics in the near future as I build up a nice vacation wardrobe. I have a theme, Vacation Wardrobe. I work nicely with themes, I find.

So, off now to get busy.


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March 14, 2021

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