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The Airstream has a name, and her name is Pimblokto.

“Son-Of-A-Bumper-Tow-Rig, Jyps! Where did that come from?” Glad you asked. It came from one of our favorite cooking YouTube channels, “You Suck At Cooking”, and specifically, this vid:

Mostly because we are newbies (but getting better!) at towing, parking…backing in…the Airstream, RD would say things like “Actually, setting up camp right here in the middle of the road is just fine.” And, “Actually, just leave the trailer hitched to the truck for the next time we go RVing.” Also, “Oh, crap! We’re all gonna die.” This last time out, we made it official…her name is Pimblokto, and that goes well with Toototabon. I’m looking at having a decal made for back window. Pics incoming when/if that happens.

We just got back from an amazing trip up in the Sawtooth Mountains. Wow. Breathtaking. Amazing. We saw this gorgeous fella:

I would have loved to get a better pic of him, but it’s SpringTime and the rutting season so these guys are feeling feisty, my boys were barking, we worried he would turn and ram the truck so we gave him a wide berth and this is the only clear shot I could get. But he was magnificent!!

As for the Sawtooths…what can I say, other than spectacular?

This is standing on a one lane bridge that crosses the river way up high in the mountains, looking down.

Same bridge looking up from where river was coming from.

Saw layer upon layers upon layers of ancient sediment that had been laid down horizontally eons ago standing on end, as the Sawtooth range is pretty much straight up vertical. Makes one wonder about the tectonic forces that crashed into the North American plate that drove this range up. Next two pics will show just how steep these mountains are.

There was a “For Sale” sign along this mountain road, for 155 acres. The sign boasted that “One Full Acre!” was river front property. Here in Idaho, what that means is 154 acres are straight up the mountainside and good luck with that!! It’s been said that if we flattened out all her mountain ranges, Idaho would be bigger than Texas.

We took the boys out every day and found some great hiking. I huffed and puffed like a 2-pack-a-day smoker trying to get up the mountain sides, all due to elevation & steepness.

The pups were in their glory! New smells! Deer and sheep scat! God only knows what creature this smell belongs to! They couldn’t run to the next new smell fast enough! Possum learned if he ran towards a flock of Chukar, they would scatter and squawk angrily while doing so! That pleased him no end! They were both happily worn out every night, even Ollie Bear and nothing ever seems to be able to run his battery completely down. Both pups passed out cold made the evenings nice and quiet for us!! I’ve said it for over 20 years now, “A tired dog is a happy owner”!!

Lovely campground! Much like the town itself, which is built in a narrow valley with huge, vertical mountains of the Sawtooth on one side and the Little Salmon River on the other, the campground was long and narrow. There were 3 places on the north side of the camp that could accommodate campers on both sides of the camp main road, but for the most part all 15 sites were on only the one side next to the river, which is quite literally white water~and loud. We had to close the windows at night because the sound kept us awake. Now, you’re thinking “Nah! The sound of rushing water is soothing.” White water roars, it does not rush, and it’s incredibly loud! It was nice enough with the windows closed, tho.

Well, the sound of the white water roaring and the temps dropping into the 20s forced us to close the windows. However! Pimblokto’s furnace worked great! On Airstreams, because rated 4 Seasons, all waterlines and tanks are inside an enclosed space below the floor the furnace is ducted to blow warm air into to prevent freezing. Just on a lark the first night, it occurred to me that we had exclusively been using the air conditioner’s heat pumps to keep the trailer warm, but the heat pumps don’t blow into that space, only the furnace does. Do not ask me how I remembered that from our orientation session over a year ago, but it came to me out of the blue and I’m sure glad it did! I did have to work out and relearn that the furnace only works on Zone 2. I played with Zone 1 for about 30 mins and couldn’t find the furnace controls…until RD suggested I try Zone 2 and there it was, pretty as you please. RD disconnected the water each night so the hose wouldn’t freeze and everything was jake. That was a first for us, camping in freezing temps. Our Winnebago View, Itty Bitty, would not have done so well, can’t remember if any of her water lines were exposed~maybe not, but I do know the tanks on her were flat out exposed to the outside elements. Watching out for low temps was just part of the plan with Itty Bitty. I wonder where she is now and who has her? I hope they love her! She was a great little rig! I got a lot of miles and smiles out of her!

It rained our first day there so I finally got to hear what rain sounds like while in my new Airstream. Now that?…was about as pleasant as it gets and everything I thought it would be!

I had to change our cell phone carrier. T-Mobile is a great company but there only where they go and they do not go up into the mountains of Idaho. Hopefully, someday they’ll get there. We had zero service, could not have even made a 911 call if needed. And of course, like most RV camps, the WiFi was spotty to begin with but the camp’s service went down. The owner ended up resetting all his routers to get the internet back up and running. This is our second time we’ve been up in the mountains with no service, and since we’re going to be doing a lot of exploring Idaho this year, and I don’t want to be dependent on RV camp WiFi, we changed to AT&T We’ll give that a try first before we look at something more drastic. It’s just nice in the evening to be able to catch up on the news and look at our favorite hobby sites and whatnot. I for one, am very glad I kicked the social media habit. I’m off social media and will never go back. I highly recommend everyone get off social media and get outdoors!

My oldest granddaughter has decided to learn how to sew. I made a gift to her of a 1930-something Singer Featherweight several years ago, and she was doing her best with it, but it’s limited to a straight stitch. God love her, I went ahead and bought her an entry level Bernina, from their Bernette line, the ”b37”. Look, sure, I could have bought her the $99 Brother…that knots up, and jams, and easily breaks, and then replaced it in a year with another $99 Brother. Or have her get frustrated and quit (and learning to sew clothes is frustrating enough, thank you very much, without worrying the machine won’t work) or just go ahead and make the investment and have faith she’ll stick with it. I’m a big believer in cry once when you buy it and buy quality. Instead of buying several $99 machines that won’t hold up, I went ahead and just bought this one. Quality will keep her interested. Anyway, she’s absolutely thrilled!

She may put it aside from time to time because again, frustration, but she’ll come back to it and there will be a good little machine waiting for her. She wants to learn how to sew lingerie (and whatever gets her there, I say). But learning to sew knit is difficult. I went thru my fabric stash and gathered up a big box of knit fabric to send to her to practice. She’ll get it. I think she needs this. I think what I probably need to do is start sending her some little patterns for her kids. They’re little enough, and would be easy enough to sew for…I think since she’s decided to make the hardest thing in the world her jumping off point, she’s going to need some Little Victories to keep her going. Yeah, I’ll get her some little kids clothes patterns and cute fabric. That’ll give her the boost to keep going.

That’s the catch-up. I’m off to get the work started, I’ve got RV laundry in the washer and dryer and more loads on the floor waiting for their turn. RD is off at the gym, I should get my little workout done before he gets back. When he does get home, he’s mowing the lawn and I need to get out and start cleaning out flower beds to get them ready for this year’s flowers. I am dying to get back into my sewing room and work on Raymond’s quilt plus I have several craft projects in mind to help clear out more of my stash. (I have GOT to start clearing out the stash with some StashBusterProjects!)

Ok, a journey of a thousand miles starts with getting up and out of this easy chair. Love to everyone!


Jyps 🦋

Jypsea Rose