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I finished “The Blue”.

The Blue

The original striped border had to be removed. Unfortunately, it had stretched with all the handling of the first longarm quilting and my early attempts to repair the damage. But no matter, I just made the striped border part of the backing and replaced the front with the indigo border. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Self Binded With The Indigo
Indigo border added onto back as well
On my smaller, full sized guest bed

Just out of it’s first wash & dry. It got so filthy sitting in the quilt shop for 2 months! My asthma was triggered every time I picked it up to work on it~which was every day! Thru sneezes and a constant stuffy nose, I just kept imagining how beautiful it would look after a good hot laundering and I wasn’t disappointed! After laundering, I didn’t want to put it back on the floor so here it is on my smaller, full-size guest bed. It’s a Big-A$$ed Quilt!

Home at last

Finally~this quilt is in its new home, my brother’s house. He’s happy and that makes me happy! My brother said he is having the upstairs repainted and redecorated. I cannot wait to see what he does here!

I really love this quilt, it turned out beautifully albeit, it took an additional 3 extra months of hard work and ignoring house duties like making the bed and controlling dust bunnies~(special thanks to RD for the assist there!) The quilt top alone was above my skill level really. Many blocks had to be taken apart and resewn multiple times to get it right, so no surprise the quilting itself had to be taken apart and redone. Three (3) months of unpicking quilting stitches and requilting it, but now that it’s gone to its new home, I miss having it in my hands.

So what now? Well…on to The Butterscotch!

The Butterscotch

This one is mine, for my bed. I started working on the backing a couple of days ago. I’m sewing up a backing just as interesting as The Blue.

The Butterscotch

Nice fit!!

So I’m going to go get busy. In between working on The Butterscotch and getting back to building Raymond’s quilt, I need to sew up some new clothes. We’re going to Yellowstone in September and I need some nice things to wear. I have 3 line drawings from patterns I like, I’m going to make up some things from that. Plenty of material to post about upcoming!

For right now, I just needed a post that officially said “Done!”. Put a period on it and move on! It’s a great feeling.

Until then, “Later!”

~Jyps 🦋

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