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August 20, 2021 0 Comments

It feels like it’s been over 3 years since I’ve sewn myself something to wear. During Lockdown….sigh….I killed time by sewing cushion covers and a couple of quilts for the Airstream, and then quilts for loved ones. (2 down, 1 in progress, 3 to go) What with all the quilting troubles I had with my brother’s quilt~and the 3 additional months of labor intensive hand stitching~ I felt just about pushed over the edge. So!…even tho my Irish Chain quilt is sandwiched with batting and backing~ready to go~ I need a quilting break, if only just for a minute or two. Not for nothing, we’ve got a 2 week vacation coming up at the end of next month to Yellowstone and I need new somethings to wear. Interesting to see how my style has changed in the past 3 years.

This is my AfterQuilt Backing using up the fabric scraps from my quilt. I liked making it very much! It’s pure stream of consciousness work. I should work on quilting this for at least for a few minutes today, quilt up just one small section. After I sandwiched everything together, I couldn’t really see where to start with the quilting. But now, I’m starting to imagine a quilting pattern in my mind.

Pivoting to garments~

It started with this:

I have forever wanted to draft a pattern by “modeling” on my dress form. I’ve watched endless YouTube vids on this and read countless blog posts. It all seemed pretty straight forward and turns out…it was! Easy Breezy, Lemon Squeezy, Super Easy Barely An Inconvenience! It was so much fun and I got so caught up with the process I completely forgot about taking pics, I just jumped in, ending up with a draft pattern top with princess seams lines. Drafting a pattern with princess line seams is another item I had on my Want To Do list.

Plaid Homespun fabric from Joanns

I did a pretty good job lining up the plaid, but as I moved my way up & down the center back, pinning the plaid stripes together & matching them as I went, the stripes would end up off at one end or the other, just by maybe 1/8” (enough to tell it was off). Even if I eased it here & there to get the stripes lined back up. Eventually, I came up with the idea to sew up a faux button placket to cover it, complete with button “holes” and buttons to make it look real. Shhh! Don’t tell!! There are princess line seams in the back too and I found if I could line the plaid up in one place, it would be off in another. Doesn’t matter to me that I’m covering up an imperfection, I really love the back buttons look.

Then, I took the pattern for this top and made a dress pattern:

I copied the pattern straight, and flared the bottom out 1” on either side. Jury is still out whether or not this is too much. What with all 4 pattern pieces, that flared the bottom out equals an extra 12” total in circumference. It may be too much. I just finished hemming it last night, I’ll put it on and wear it for a bit to gauge if it is just right or too much and then resize the pattern accordingly.

Muslin mock-up. I’m going to finish this and turn it into a nightdress. Hi Ollie Bear!! ♥️

This is, again, more Joann’s Homespun fabric, in a blue/cream check. I like it a lot.

Lovely fabric!
I made piping, sewed into the princess seams

I went rummaging thru my stash and found this beautiful cotton that matched the homespun perfectly. As tho it had been made for one another. I did a baby facing around the neckline and armsceyes with it, as well as the inside yoke and pockets. All I have left is to do a running back stitch along one pocket opening and this dress will be done. I’m already looking ahead at some style changes for the next dress.

It looks better on me. My dress form isn’t quite exactly my body double. I need to work on that!

Anyways, that’s that. I will be starting another one with some style changes today. Not quite sure exactly what I’ll change, as per my style, I’ll do it on the fly. Pretty much the story of my life.

In other news, outside the sewing room~we had to replace the siding on one side of the house. Was it a bad job to begin with? Did the house settle that much? Don’t know but the siding on that side was cracked and broken and looked like it was 50 years old. Now we have to have it painted, but can’t just paint that one side, the entire house gets a new paint job. I chose a darker color in the same value and will have the trim painted a dark walnut brown color. This happens in 2 weeks.

We pulled out 3 crap apple trees, not a typo, and replaced them with 2 Acer Maples in the front and a silver linden in the back. We added a Burr Oak on the side of the house where we replaced the siding. Maybe that hot high mountain desert sun beating down on it is part of what went wrong. One of our neighbors suggested the siding should still be under warranty…yeah…we’re still dealing with the roof shingle company and their “warranty”, which is a story in and of itself. Neither of us has the wherewithal to deal with a siding “warranty”.

Acer Maple. The wood mulch from the crapapple stump is gone, rocks replaced.
Acer Maple
Silver Linden
Burr Oak

In other new news…meet Buwit:


Got RD a new Jeep. He has missed his 2-door Jeep something fierce! One afternoon several Saturdays ago, Jeep Corp sent out a mailer that got RD to looking. I don’t recall every step, but we ended up at a local dealership, test drove this guy and it followed us home. All I know is RD is over the moon. He never buys anything for himself, he prefers to spend his money on his loved ones. The most selfless human being on the planet. But this? This…he kept looking to me for “permission” (not permission-permission, just for the lack of a better word for what he was looking for from me). I finally told him “You deserve this and we can afford it.” I see now why he is so generous in helping out his family. Seeing him this happy? Best money I ever spent.

Buwit?? Ha!! My nephew got a brand new little hunting pup and named it “Bert” after my dad. My nephew has a little guy of his own, about 3-ish who can’t say “Bert” just yet so this little guy calls the pup “Buwit”. I had to steal it!! Buwit has stuck. That is what we call the new Jeep.

Meanwhile…the world around us burns. Sigh. Who elected these bozos??? All of them.

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